One Year In “ Ryan Gilmer

March 28th 2017

Ryan Gilmer has been a key member of the sales side for MAN Poole for a year. Lets find out how the first 12 months have been.

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For Sale | When It’s Gone, It’s Gone

March 9th 2017

This pre-registered truck (it’s tipmatic) with only 800 kilometres on the clock is now available for a limited time at £42,000 + VAT (so you are saving over £10,000).

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A Training Philosophy That Is More Than Vehicles On Roads

February 27th 2017

A team of well-trained technicians allows companies to focus on the areas that drive profitability, having well maintained vehicles.

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Why Being Open Late For MOT Helps Everyone

January 27th 2017

When a vehicle is required throughout the day, there has to be flexibility when handing over for the MOT. Here’s why an open late for MOT philosophy works.

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A Look At The ETS Role Within The Nuffield Industrial Estate

December 22nd 2016

As we approach the third year at the Nuffield Industrial Estate, in Poole, looking back we can see that moving the business was a sound decision to make. It had to be done.

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The ETS Approach As A Service Partner

November 25th 2016

When you work with a service partner, it represents access to other areas that compliment your business. Our whole approach at ETS Trucks is centred on a partner approach.

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Free Raffle Entry When You Spend Over £100 With ETS

November 15th 2016

With the festive season on the horizon, here’s the gift of giving from ETS Trucks. Anyone that spends over £100 will be included in our seasonal raffle entry.

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Common Causes For Commercial Vehicle Breakdown

November 1st 2016

They are the worst things that happen to your vehicle, the breakdown. Lets share some of the most common causes from the team.

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Checking The Simple Stuff

October 3rd 2016

There are times when people perhaps look at the worst scenarios when it comes to problems with their vehicle. Sometimes it is easier to check the simple things first.

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Vehicle Maintenance Is More Than A Safe Truck On A Road

August 30th 2016

Ongoing vehicle maintenance is intended to keep you safely on the road. However there is so much more besides a team looking after your vehicle on a continual basis. Lets have a look.

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