ETS Lessons From 2018 And Looking Into 2019

December 18th 2018 Written by Mark Masters

As 2018 comes to a close, let us look back on what we have learned from this year.

One of the main things we have taken is that to remain industry relevant you have to move the needle whilst still working to company principals. Awards and accolades are fantastic, you have to serve others, not award committees.


Starting The Year

Earlier this year (during March) we won MAN Dealer Of The Year at the company’s annual awards ceremony in Munich, Germany. The criteria are based on the statistics and results achieved from the numerous dealers across the UK.

Colin Gale, ETS Truck & Van MD highlighted, “We didn’t expect this win, purely because we don’t go out of our way to enter awards. Needless to say, it meant a lot to have this award. What this highlights is that we do things right for the lifeblood of the business, our customers.”


Industry Starters

From an award win at the beginning of the year, we end the year with leading the way for a new IT infrastructure in place for the industry. The new MAN dealer management system is currently being trialed at ETS and full roll-out during 2019. Colin highlights the importance to get others on board. “We’ll be in a position to invite others dealers to see what they think and how it can work within their business. It is important and new management system has to complement other UK businesses.”

“Where we are at the end of the year, is a few steps ahead of everyone else. We are at the right time to upgrade our whole system. Whilst this is going to involve training and the team becoming comfortable with a new infrastructure, we can see the benefits. For instance, the dealer management system can interact with other manufacturer systems. We will be able to see parts available throughout the entire country. This can only help everyone in terms of sourcing and delivery.”


The Right People

Internally, 2018 has kept the same familiar team office staff and technicians, but also expanding. There have been two notable additions that all fall under the remit of providing customers the full package.

At the start of the year, Steve Moss joined us as MAN’s TopUsed Sales Executive. With the new vehicle division driven by Ryan Gilmer, the introduction of a dedicated TopUsed sales side means an even more dedicated service for customers. Relationships can become tailored for those who don’t always want new vehicles, but an outlet to discuss and purchase.

As we approached the latter part of 2018, Paul Brockwell took charge of the new MAN TGE van sales. Paul explained, “By having a hub, such as ETS Truck & Van, represents the connectivity of MAN throughout the UK with trusted partners.”

Approaching his third year, Ryan Gilmer, who leads the MAN truck new vehicle sales has seen relationships grow, by playing the long game. Ryan says, “It’s been a good year, orders have been taken and fulfilled and this is continuing into 2019. Having a sense of familiarity is vital for any salesperson. People now know who I am and there isn’t a barrier of approaching companies to build a conversation. It all comes from being consistent over the long-term, and not being intense with building a network in the shortest possible time.”


The Last Word

Let’s leave the last word to Colin, to sum up the year, “ETS represents a stable company that is very much part of the Dorset economy. What we have invested over the years works, so there is no need to make drastic changes. However, we all have to move together with our customers to deliver a service that is reliable. We have the tech, we have the people, we have the portfolio of services.”

“When you bring the right people together, robust systems in place and complement that with customers who know the level of service they’ll receive, you know you are on the right track.”

“We look forward to approaching our 25th year in business.”