What A New Customer Is Going To Get From ETS

November 29th 2018 Written by Mark Masters

Being a part of the ETS Truck & Van family provides a host of ways for businesses and people to recognise that they are looked after during the year.

Whether you are looking for a commercial garage to maintain your fleet, or as a small business you need a place to ensure your vehicle is always supporting your business, making that step is all about trust.

If you are in the process of looking for a new place for maintenance and repair, this is what you are going to get from us. Everything is about making you feel comfortable and always welcome.

Let us highlight six key areas that have helped our customers and whilst may be overlooked sometimes are worth their weight in gold to those we work with.


Position And Location

From the 1990s to 2014, our home was in Hamworthy, whilst a place that helped build our presence and deliver for others, to some this was not as accessible as they had hoped. One of our main reasons to move to the Nuffield Industrial Estate, in Poole, was to be accessible to everyone. With easy access via the A3049 and surrounding A roads, we are in a central space for others to reach us. We now recognise that ease of location is important for everyone. 


A Technician Team Who Are Always At The Top Of Their Game

Training is something that we have always been committed to. The marketplace is changing in terms of technology, technicians have to address and be knowledgeable. If a company takes shortcuts on educating and not providing their teams with adequate resources, it can become extremely costly. Each year ETS work to 10 days training days, per person. A team of regularly trained technicians means an efficient service for customers. We also have up to date diagnostic equipment, so our technology is current.


Specialism In Wider Areas

It can be frustrating for customers when they have to visit different companies for different aspects for continued well being of their vehicle(s). Why not keep everything in one place? When you create familiarity and a role to support others, it makes sense to provide complementary services. With an MOT specialism, it is all about flexibility. Customers can have their vehicle MOT conducted during the day or out of hours (we are open until 11pm Monday to Friday and until 12pm on a Saturday). We also have our tachograph facility for fleet companies and owner drivers to comply with VOSA regulations.


We Can Come To You

Why not bring to the ETS team to you? Whilst we are accessible (see above), we help our customers by visiting their premises. Any size of fleet from one vehicle to many if it is easier to visit you, we can do that. Whilst we always prefer our customers to come to our main vehicle centre, we have always been flexible with those we work with and built a strong working relationship. 


Here For You, All The Time

In some circumstances, a 24-hour response is needed. Whilst a place no one wants to be, working with MAN and IVECO, as well as other operators, it is here for them to utilise. With the solid relationship we have with these manufacturers, makes this a service we have helped others with the longevity of rapport and ongoing support.


We Work With All Types Of Trailers

As highlighted above, our customers have the 24-hour response. We work with all types of trailers. We have access to any part you might require to ensure your trailer meets DVLA approved standards. We have been providing a full trailer maintenance service to leading transport operators for nearly a quarter of a century.


The main thing that a new customer gets from ETS is a consistency of service. Making others feel familiar and comfortable is where trust is built. Whether a new customer or a company that has been with us for many years, everything is centred on the well being of others.

Everything we stand for is to reduce the problems of others. Supporting services are key, it’s what makes us tick.

Why not get in touch and find out about all the areas we can help you. Call us on 01202 669339 or email service@etstrucks.co.uk