Five Industry Misconceptions From The Commercial Garage Industry

October 30th 2018 Written by Mark Masters

Commercial vehicles and the businesses they represent are complex.

As a commercial garage, ETS Truck & Van have always believed that the wellbeing of other businesses is why we have been a supporting arm for others since the 1990s.

Let’s clarify some industry misconceptions when it comes to our world.

This is all about making everyone feel comfortable and that having a place for you to rely upon doesn’t have to be complex.


Five Commercial Garage Misconceptions


Once A Technician Knows Their Trade, That’s It!

To employ a technician and for them to rely on what they know to carry them through, can become a risk for any business. A team of regularly trained technicians means an efficient company. Technicians are trained in all aspects of maintenance from servicing, to repairing to advising and forms part of the ongoing investment. This industry is constantly changing, vehicles are embracing technology, people need to be trained and up to speed.


Regular Maintenance Is Not Necessary These Days

There are a whole host problems that can arise during the working day. From tachographs not printing properly to your wheels out of alignment. Whilst you may turn a blind eye, over time this can have an adverse affect to you, your business and your vehicle. Having a regular maintenance schedule means that others are keeping a close eye, so you don’t have to suffer in silence.


Genuine Parts Will Always Be More Expensive

It is a common misconception that genuine parts (parts made directly by the vehicle manufacturer) cost more. For instance, if you purchase a genuine MAN part, from ETS, and there are any issues during the warranty, then parts and labour are covered from any MAN dealer. The process at ETS works like this: the technician team diagnoses a problem; they come to the parts team with what they need; we can look up via the build sheet that we have the guaranteed part with the right number; we can source immediately, or put the order in. There is a clear system where we ensure everyone is operating efficiently.


You Have To Have Any Repairs Done, Immediately

Once a fault has been diagnosed with your vehicle, it is not a case of a fee plucked out of the air. What we always do is highlight what needs to be addressed and then the decision is up to the vehicle owner to proceed. Whilst we would, never condone driving on public roads with a dangerous vehicle as this represents risking a fine and penalty points if they are stopped by police, the final choice is yours, we provide advice, support and assistance.


Commercial Garages Shut The Same Time As Everyone Else ie. by 6pm.

One thing that ETS has always realised is the challenge to hand over a working vehicle that simply cannot be out of action as it is the livelihood of someone else. Since we moved to Nuffield Industrial Estate, we decided to operate a shift workflow which meant that we could be open later. Whilst there are garages that are open until late, not every company provides an out of hours MOT service. We are open until 11pm during the week and until 12pm on Saturday’s.


How one company operates, may not be true of another. The misconception of commercial garages as oily, continually messy environments are just not true. Clean, spacious environments that are accompanied by technology and skilled people go hand in hand.

Every business, no matter what industry has to move with the times and deliver a service that replicates the demands of others. This is the only way that companies can achieve longevity by recognising the role they play for others and any misconceptions become a thing of the past.