A Brand New Van, From A Well Known Brand

September 26th 2018 Written by Mark Masters

A brand new vehicle has been released from MAN, the main point of contact is here at ETS Truck & Van.


We welcome Paul Brockwell, who takes the sales lead for the new MAN TGE van. You probably may not be aware that MAN have a van product and you would be right, this is a new commercial vehicle that has just been released within the marketplace.


Our MAN team within our Poole head office, consists of Ryan Gilmer who leads the MAN truck new vehicle sales, Steve Moss who looks after used truck sales and now the introduction of Paul.


What’s It Like?

Paul shares his role and what people can expect from the new van.


He comes with a wealth of experience from another commercial van provider and his knowledge of the marketplace is extensive.


So, what does he think of the new TGE van. Paul commented, “Whilst the product is completely new, it is from a brand that many businesses trust. The design is dynamic with an array of safety features. It is also incredibly driver friendly. This makes journeys comfortable while maintaining excellent economy. It also comes in a number of variations, meaning it can be designed for any business use.”


The Whole Package

However, what makes it different is the all round MAN experience.


Paul explains, “By having a hub, such as ETS Truck & Van, represents the connectivity of MAN throughout the UK with trusted partners.”


“Customers have MAN support, which is integral for anyone whose van is their livelihood. For instance, if something should ever go wrong whilst on the roads throughout the UK there has to be an immediate resolve. No van operator wants a scenario of phoning a road recovery provider, who doesn’t have the relevant parts or equipped to service an MAN van.”


“They are then dragged to a dealership that may have cars as a priority and fits part of a 9 to 5 structure. Anyone who purchases an MAN van, will have an MAN TGE specialist and people who are equipped to help. The team here at ETS are well versed over the years in how an MAN vehicle works. These are people with MAN experience who operate from a slick operation.”


By being located at the Poole head office, whilst Paul believes in building a rapport with customers within their own places of work to create familiarity, having a base means being part of a wider team. Paul says, “If a customer wants an appointment to see the ETS workshop or have a chat with a member of staff, then the entire team are here. It is important for everyone to feel part of a wider support network. Not just staff, but also customers.”


A New Home

How is Paul finding his introduction to his new business? Paul commented, “It’s a comfortable and friendly environment. Not just becoming acquainted to the new systems, but working with supportive and helpful teams. This is not just MAN but also with the ETS team.”


“Whilst this is a brand new product for 2018, it is supported by a company that is part of the heartbeat for commercial vehicles for over 20 years within Dorset.”



If you are looking at options available for ownership as well as lease, or even to see the van for yourself, then contact Paul. You can reach Paul on 07721 129437 or email paul.brockwell@man.eu

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