Reaching The Annual Milestone & Why We Stick Together

September 1st 2018 Written by Mark Masters

The things that keep people at ETS goes beyond having stability in a career and the pay packet.

As ETS Truck & Van reach another milestone, it is 24 years in business, since we started in September 1994. We asked some of our team members what it means to them and why they have been part of the business for a number of years.

We have always believed in creating a close knit company and for some our staff, they have been with us since they left education.

You hear the words ‘we are like a family’ used a lot within businesses, but that is true. For milestones and achievements, the company shares together and celebrates together.


Asking Others

Ryan Parker, our Parts Manager, has been with us for 10 years now and joined as an apprentice, “When I was at Corfe Hills School, this was my Saturday job and I worked during my holidays. When the MAN Parts Apprenticeship became available, I took the opportunity and made the most of it. I was awarded the MAN Apprentice Of The Year in 2008.”

“I have been at ETS since the beginning of my career, so the workplace is seen as my family.”

Les Buxton is our tachograph specialist and technician and looked at the business as a place of support at this period of his career, “There is an environment of support and we are all in this together. Knowing that there is a team of people that we are all part of ETS makes us recognise the roles we play are not isolated. We are all part of this and being with the company for a number of years, we have all seen it develop.”


Principals To Stand By

When it comes to creating longevity of staff remaining with the company and why they want to remain with ETS is based on creating the right environment and balance between the people who work together and the support they receive.

  • We have always encouraged the team members to know each other outside of work
  • The employees are heard and everyone has a voice
  • We continually support the professional development of the team
  • Building an ETS culture where employees can grow, feel safe and have a role within their teams

Jim Lalor-Ricketts, a technician and shift leader has been with the company for over 13 years. Jim identified the need for the technicians to understand what is happening within the marketplace. Jim said, “Working in partnership with companies such as MAN, there are always new products and updates. By being in tune with what is happening on an industry level, keeps us all fresh and that we have a part to play.”

ETS is now approaching it’s 25th year because we have built a company on shared values so people want to be a part of it. It’s about matching values of what ETS stands for alongside the development of the people who play their part, week on week, year after year.


Let’s Conclude

Respect for co-workers is vitally important. The reason we have staff members that have kept with the company for well over ten years, is not just down to a regular wage, it is so much more than that.

A business that looks after each other, celebrates the wins and talks to each other can remain in a healthy place.

As one birthday moves on, we all look forward to reaching that quarter of a century milestone.