Car MOT To Truck MOT. So What Makes Us Different?

July 6th 2018 Written by Mark Masters

When it comes to your MOT, it’s not just trucks we look after. However, what we provide has to be different from the many garage options available.

Let’s prove this to you.

Car MOT to truck MOT, there has to be something beyond telling you about being transparent or providing a first rate service.

Let’s share with you five reasons why ETS Truck & Van is a viable MOT option to the alternatives available.


We Are Open For A Time That Fits You

When many garages close at 6pm during the week, we are still open and working for our customers. We always believed that we have to open for times that suit our customers, not just us. We understand that leaving a vehicle with someone else can represents a real disruption to a day.

We are open from 7am during the week and we close at 10pm. If a weekend is more beneficial to you, then we are open from 7am to 12pm. When others are shut, we are well and truly open.


Any Size, Any Vehicle

Whilst we do not repair class IV vehicles, namely cars, we can still carry out an MOT.

We also provide flexibility. There is no vehicle too big, or too small. Some garages may not be able to cater for some class V vehicles, such as mini buses, camper vans and vans up to 3 tonne, but we are here to provide an MOT. At the other end of the scale and with class VII vehicles this puts in a place that many are familiar with us, namely commercial vehicles up to 3,500 tonne and the trucks and vehicles that have been with us for many years.

Whilst many have known us for providing an MOT service for class VII vehicles, rest assured we can look after any vehicle, at a time that suits you.


People More Likely To Stay

Familiarity plays a big role. Since we widened our service offerings when we moved to Nuffield Industrial Estate, in Poole, people become accustomed to keeping everything in one place. Repeat business is commonplace. Everything starts to become a bit more habitual. People know when their MOT is on the horizon, know where they need to come and we can support others.


We Are Truly Independent

We are not part of a wider chain of garages, we do not answer to a wider board. What you see is us, a company that has been part of the commercial fabric for the local area since 1994.

By providing services that caters for commercial vehicles, as well as an MOT facility for any make and model it all stems from the principals of keeping businesses and people, on the road.


The Team

Finally, the one thing that we have, that other garages do not have, is the people. The majority of the technician team have been with us for many years. These are people we have trained, nurtured and developed as skilled professionals. If there is one thing that is inherently us, is the people who are here to support, advise and represent the family ethos that means so much to all of us.


How Does That Sound?

We can test any vehicle size. By sharing the elements that makes us different from the MOT choices available, is here to make that decision easier and understand that every service offering is built for our customers.

What about you?

If you are looking for a helping hand when it comes to your MOT, you can book here or give us a call on 01202 669339