Efficiency Has To Be The Key

June 6th 2018 Written by Mark Masters

You have to work around what others want. Do it right, you create efficiency.

For any element of service from ETS Truck & Van to work, it all comes down to teams working together and being consistent in what we do.

Let’s look at how efficiency plays a key part in what we do.


How This Year Is Looking, So Far

Looking at 2018 so far, when it comes to MOT testing we are looking at a pass level of virtually 100%, the national average is 85%. MOT testing can vary from 30 to 40 vehicles per month. The reason for this high pass rate is that the companies who use us for regular testing, their vehicles are always maintained and inspected. A vehicle that is checked and monitored every six weeks stands a better chance of passing first time if it is continually maintained.

On a national scale first time pass rates are increasing. Jim Lalor Ricketts from the technical team highlighted the reason is because, “There are more newer vehicles on the roads; commercial vehicle repair garages have invested in the correct infrastructure to monitor and maintain.”

What we recognised is that by the ongoing monitoring of vehicles we had to apply structure to a schedule. Let’s look at it this way, the more you control the calendar as well as being flexible with your customer base, the easier it is to make room for the unexpected when it comes to truck maintenance.

Tim Nicholson from AET Transport Services, recognises working efficiently with one partner. He says, “ETS do all the servicing, MOT inspections and six weekly inspections on our trucks. We are now moving most of our trucks to the fleet, ETS cover every aspect.”


Structuring Around Others

Everything within the confines of our Poole base is structured around others. From a plentiful stock of genuine parts, to having a used vehicle sales team, it’s all about having the right people to play a role for others. Effort is wasted when companies do not have a rigid plan in place. By listening to a customer, you can provide a service around them. Planning takes time, but with strong communication everyone can move efficiently to achieve all the objectives we set ourselves.

It’s all about others. Craig Tuley from Eaton Transport said this year, “ETS Truck & Van are very efficient. They always call me at the start of the week and there is no lack of downtime, which is important.”

A business can only be sustainable if they can solve their customer’s problems. That is what we believe we thrive on and how efficiency works on both sides. When you build these principals in for the long-term, it can help everybody out. For instance, Wrights Dairies have been a long-term customer of ours, Terry Press, purchasing manager highlighted, “We have dealt with ETS for around 25 years so we know them very well. They always fix everything very quickly.” Another customer who has been with us for many years is Sunseeker, Mark Garside, transport and shipping manager highlighted, “Location is important as well as the service ETS give. They are an on time provider who care. We have been using them for over 20 years, so gives you an idea!”

Being efficient means getting the job done. From our perspective, it comes down to:

  • creating a structure to a schedule
  • managing the daily calendar
  • encourage flexibility to the working day
  • listen to customers and adjust for them

Whilst simple principles to work by, it certainly works for us and those we work with.

To discuss the ongoing maintenance of your fleet, just get in touch. Call Debi on 01202 669339 or email debi@etstrucks.co.uk