What Does The ETS Truck & Van Stamp Mean?

May 9th 2018 Written by Mark Masters

Putting a stamp on things means a behaviour that represents a company’s DNA. Let’s share how we look at it.

It has been a busy 2018 and as we continue with the day to day operations after the MAN Dealer Of The Year award last month, it gives us a chance to reflect on what the ETS Truck & Van stamp on things actually means.


Standing For Something

Let’s look at what the ETS culture represents.

In a nutshell, everything we have done since 1994 has to become familiar with our customer base and contribute to the daily operation of businesses that are predominately in the south of England. Our business is built on familiarity and to be a trusted commercial vehicle repair and maintenance provider. It is not a coincidence that the origin of the word company is ‘companion.’

Since we moved from Dawkins Road, in Hamworthy to Nuffield Industrial Estate, nearly four years ago, the most significant change has been scale. The most obvious is the premises that we now fully own. The other main areas of note have been creating an evening shift where we are committed to being open until 10pm on weekdays and also open on Saturday’s. The most significant add-on to our services has been the introduction of our MOT centre. Our DVSA Authorised Testing Facility (ATF) is here to test LGV and PCV vehicles by prior arrangement with our team. We are also open for MOTs for any vehicle (if you would like to book an MOT for your car, just click here).


Bringing It All Together

The one thing that combines everything from the tachograph centre, to the servicing for any make and model, to the availability to purchase original vehicle parts is to be here for others. Empathy is a big element.

This means understanding, implicitly, the day to day operations of others and being able to judge accordingly how our customers operate and the vehicles that need to be operational. By being in this industry for over 20 years, we know what frustrates others and working with a customer base with whom we have got to know closer, it means cementing a team ethos.

Keeping clients means a lot, retaining staff is just as important. The ETS stamp on things also means valuing those who play a part and have a responsibility for others. If we were a company that represented sporadic teams, where there was a loss of familiarity and a high staff turnover, this would affect the harmony for the whole business. By investing in others, means we can look back from time to time at the accolades won and share it as a team effort and not in isolation.

Rarely do departments work in isolation. From the technicians to the office staff, connectivity is key. Adding in the introduction of MAN staff members to the head office, the more links there are among different groups or functions, the more effective they can become.


It All Has A Start

It all dates back to that belief in 1994 to set up the business. Colin Gale, our MD, commented. “There was a gap in the market to do something better than what was on offer. To provide a commercial vehicle service for businesses where they were listened to and felt comfortable to work with. The values from then are the same today. The guiding principals are still very much in place.”

A company is a living and breathing thing. It is made up of a mix of products and services that support a marketplace so other businesses can do their job as efficiently as possible. That is what ETS Truck and Van stand for and firmly believes in.