ETS Awarded MAN Dealer Of The Year

April 3rd 2018 Written by Mark Masters

Recognition for the day to day commitment allows time to reflect on the good work from everyone else.

It has been great start to Spring for ETS Truck & Van. We have recently been awarded MAN Dealer Of The Year at the company’s annual awards ceremony in Munich, Germany.

This is a fantastic accolade to have. Rather than a case of being nominated by groups of people, or any judging panel, the criteria is based on the statistics and results achieved from the numerous dealers across the UK.


What It Means

From time and accuracy to response rates to parts sales, there are a host of factors and KPIs that are taken into consideration. Colin Gale, our managing director highlighted, “When you are rewarded on tangible measurements over the course of a year, it is good to know that our hard work is recognised by others.”

The recognition from MAN focuses on dealers proving continuous commitment to the operators of MAN vehicles and their ongoing support, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

“Whilst we don’t actively go out and seek award recognition, that is not in our nature, what it does is put our stamp within the region as a trusted commercial operator. This is a fantastic accolade to have.” Stated Colin.

Our director, Darren Gale, who was at the awards event highlighted the ongoing work from the ETS team. “Receiving the MAN Dealer Of The Year has relevance to every single team member and a nod to the fact that we are doing a trusted job for others. What it means is that we consistently keep to the stringent standards set from one of our approved manufacturers. What we have created is a robust system so everything works smoothly. What we are doing works and great to be rewarded for it.”


A Great Achievement To Have

ETS Truck & Van have made it to the final stages as runner up in previous years, but never quite made the final accolade as Dealer Of The Year. Colin reflected on what made the difference this year. “Nothing has changed internally, we have a very loyal team who have been with us for a number of years. I see it as a mix of consistency, looking after our customers and putting their needs as a priority. The last thing we want is any business having downtime. The vehicles we inspect, operate and maintain are the lifeblood for many UK businesses.”

“What we have won is a nod in our direction. It won’t be something we dwell on. Naturally we will share this with the wider community and move on. We have a job to do for others, but it is reassuring to know the recognition for the role we play within the commercial vehicle industry.”

ETS Truck & Van are proud to be associated with MAN.

MAN Dealer Of The Year