Looking For A New Used Vehicle? We Have Just The MAN

February 28th 2018 Written by Mark Masters

If you are looking for a used vehicle for your business, we now have just the person.

Steve Moss is MAN’s TopUsed Sales Executive and based at our head office, in Poole. Lets share with you a member of our wider family and how Steve is settling in.

Steve’s background is over 20 years at Mercedes within the passenger car world and now making that step towards commercial vehicles, but well versed in the efficiency of German engineering.


Focusing On New & Now Used

With the new vehicle division driven by Ryan Gilmer, the introduction of a dedicated TopUsed sales side, means an even more dedicated service for customers. Relationships can become tailored for those who don’t always want new vehicles, but an outlet to discuss and purchase.

Everyone within our catchment area has access to Steve. He explained, I cover an extensive area and specifically for ETS Truck & Van customers, if someone wants a chat, I am here to meet up, either at their premises or head over to the offices at the Nuffield Estate.

Steve highlighted some notable differences for customers that are preferring used vehicles. If a business needs something quickly, we have vehicles that can be within them within a month.  Naturally, this takes slightly longer for new vehicle purchases.

Choosing a used vehicle, doesn’t just mean quicker access, there are some added benefits too. For instance, I can help businesses with re-rentals, so they don’t have to buy outright, they can rent from MAN. We also provide TopUsed demonstrations. This means that customers can try out the product before they make the final commitment. We also offer full-repair, maintenance contracts and finance solutions too. Everyone is covered.

Ongoing care is paramount, whether a vehicle is six years old or iust a couple of years under its belt, everything is checked and prepared for every customer with our Checked, Certified, Trusted (CCT) framework.


The Rapport & Relationships Are Key

We asked Steve where he sees the differences from the marketplace he worked in before and his focus now with MAN. Steve explained, When people purchase cars, it is a real emotional experience. Trucks are the tools and livelihoods for many people and businesses. This is how people earn a living. The mindset is completely different. I know that I can’t bulldoze in and make my presence felt, but to become trusted by others. It’s not about popping on once and never seen ever again. It is about being present, checking in with the people I meet every few months and to keep a dialogue going.

However, what will always remain the same is the importance of building a rapport and relationship with someone else. Working from ETS Truck & Van, what this provides is familiarity.

Many people I have spoken to over these past few months, have all had positive experiences from ETS.  Whether these are MOT or tachograph customers, it makes my job easier. This is because businesses have already had a positive and smooth experience from the company I am working within. When you work with a commercial garage that has been operating for over 20 years, it gives a sense of dependability and association.

Steve is also looking to become his own best customer and aiming to have his HGV license. I believe that you need to know a product from the inside out. When an operator turns to me and asks me for my own opinion, I have the experience to share. I believe that you gain more respect when you can answer from your own perspective.

If you are looking to purchase a used vehicle, before you make that commitment, make sure you discuss with Steve and how MAN can help you. You can contact him on 07801 458776 or email steve.moss@man.eu