The Things We Do, That You May Not Have Known

January 31st 2018 Written by Mark Masters

When you build expertise within an industry, it becomes easier to introduce services that align.

ETS Truck & Van is probably known to many people and businesses for commercial vehicle repair and maintenance.

The familiar faces and new enquiries are the lifeblood of the business, but what about all the other elements that connects what we do to the vehicles that are kept on the roads of the UK (and further)?


The Services That Relate Directly To Your Vehicle

Lets start with the most familiar and work our way down.

MOT – the MOT test station is here for any vehicle (apart from motorcycles), so why not bring the family car? We are open 7am until 10pm during the week (and 7am until 12pm on Saturday’s). If you want to make an enquiry and book, then just click here.

Tachograph – our on-site centre is here to help install, calibrate and service tachographs. Last year, according to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, more than 440 lorries crossing into the UK were found with manipulated tachographs. Lets make sure everything is compliant, safe and easy to use.

Wheel Alignment – we have our wheel alignment facility for 100% setting accuracy. No one wants huge fuel bills or unexpected tyre costs, which is why our laser wheel alignment has been in place since 2016 to support other businesses.

Brake Testing – measuring brake performance and braking efficiencies are carried out within our testing centre. This is such an important aspect when it comes to preventative maintenance for any commercial vehicle.

Roadside Assistance – this usually means heading over to the premises of a customer who is having difficulties and requires a helping hand from the team. We are mobile, we are here for our customers who have those days when nothing seems to be working.

On-Site Servicing – similar to roadside assistance, we bring the ETS team to you. If there is a significant fleet whereby it is easier to visit you, we can do that. Whilst we prefer customers to come to our main centre, we have always been flexible.

24-Hour Response (for MAN and IVECO customers) – for our MAN and IVECO customers, there is the added benefit of access to 24 hour response. We have the team on hand and the strong relationship over the years with these dealers, where we (literally) go that extra mile. We even have  two courtesy vehicles here at the main centre, in Poole.


Always Here For You And The Lifetime Of Your Vehicle

Here are some areas that compliment our main services.

Genuine Parts – here at ETS Truck & Van, we are firm believers that you get so much more when it comes to purchasing genuine parts. When you buy genuine parts, it means is that you are part of a much wider network. It is not just the quality of the product, but the support behind those parts, being covered by a warranty, technicians who are well trained in the nature of the vehicle and a plentiful stock in-house here in Poole.

New & Used Vehicle Sales – based at our Nuffield Estate we have sales teams for MAN and IVECO vehicles. We have recently extended our in-house MAN team from Ryan Gilmer, who looks after new vehicle sales to now have Steve Moss who is responsible for MAN used vehicle sales.


The Little Things

Sometimes, it is the little things that go a long way.

Under Body Steam Cleaning – our steam cleaning is designed to remove excess oil and grease. Something you’ll probably never see, but keeps your vehicle clean.

Waiting Room With Free Team & Coffee – we’ll always welcome anybody that wants to wait whilst we are with your vehicle. People use our waiting room to just kick back, save time and have a tea or coffee and chat with the team.

Ample Parking – our main centre, whilst busy most of the working day, we are not a small space where there is an overspill onto the road. Everything is contained within the car park and there will always be a space for our customers.

Location & Access – one of the reasons we moved to the Nuffield Industrial Estate from our previous home in Hamworthy, was because of access for our customers and to serve a central area that is easy for any vehicle to visit. Being central and on Poole’s biggest industrial estate, helps others.


Lets Round Up

What started as a company focused on commercial vehicle repair, over the past twenty or so years, the other areas that have been introduced have always had our customers requirements at the forefront of why they have been introduced.

If we can create a space that caters for everything from MOT to purchasing your next vehicle, it makes it easier to have a team who are familiar and where you feel comfortable. Look forward to seeing you soon.