Why Buy Genuine Parts. Aren’t They More Expensive?

December 20th 2017 Written by Mark Masters

When you buy original parts, it becomes part of an overall package, not just a one-off.

A question that customers ask us is whether they should purchase aftermarket parts (manufactured by a company that is not the original vehicle manufacturer) or opt for genuine parts (parts made directly by the vehicle manufacturer).

Here at ETS Truck & Van, we are a firm believer that you get so much more when it comes to genuine parts.

Let’s explain where warranty, efficiency and cover provide so much more.


Let’s Get Straight To the Advantage of Genuine Parts

Ryan Parker, our Parts Manager has been with us for 12 years, so is a trusted source to ask.

When it comes to genuine parts, where is the advantage over the cheaper aftermarket option? Ryan said, For IVECO and MAN parts there is a two year warranty. However, it doesn’t stop there. If you purchase a genuine part and there are any issues during the warranty, then parts and labour are covered from any MAN dealer.

For instance, if a customer purchased an MAN part and was fitted by the ETS technician team, if they had any issues during the working week around the country, all they would need to do is contact MAN and they are sourced the nearest MAN dealer to head to. You buy genuine, you are covered during the warranty.

If a customer has an MAN part fitted by a third party garage and then has an issue during the warranty and they bring to us to help, they would be covered for the part, not the labour. It does help to keep everything under one MAN dealer roof.

The process at ETS works like this: the technician team diagnoses a problem; they come to the parts team with what they need; we can look up via the build sheet that we have the guaranteed part with the right number; we can source immediately, or put the order in. There is a clear system where we ensure everyone is operating efficiently.


What If It Isn’t Available from Stock?

What if there isn’t a part available? Ryan explained, We have a plentiful supply of parts here in Poole, but if we don’t have in stock, I would say that MAN has at least 90% of stock in the UK. If there is an occasion when it has to be ordered from Germany, as long as the order is before 1pm, then it can arrive the following day via the European Logistic Center.

We recognize that vehicles are the lifeblood of any business, one thing we would never do is make a customer wait for an unnecessary amount of time.

A customer waiting five days or more is just not acceptable. In my experience, parts that have to be sourced, such as specific coach parts, are very rarely over three days. If they have to be ordered, delivery time is predominately 24 hours.


Do We Only Stock Genuine Parts?

Whilst we usually stock the genuine manufacturer’s parts we recognise that sometimes it is more cost efficient to fit some aftermarket parts, such as plastic wings, trailer landing legs and lights, reflectors, to name but a few.

Ryan said, Just ask me, you may be surprised what we have in stock and how competitive our prices are.


A View Of the Aftermarket Option

What about aftermarket parts, how reliable are they? Ryan highlights from experience, A customer was struggling to fit a bumper, when they brought it in, none of the bolt holes would line up. You can’t be 100% accurate with cheaper parts. When it comes to genuine parts, quality is such a huge factor to take into consideration. Whilst there are more popular parts than others, such as filters, quality always has to be taken into consideration.

When you buy genuine parts, it means is that you are part of a much wider network. It is not just the quality of the product, but the support behind those parts, being covered by the 2 year warranty, technicians who are well trained in the nature of the vehicle and a plentiful stock in-house here in Poole. Overnight delivery from the manufacturers and prompt delivery to our customers who prefer to fit their own parts…

Here at ETS we ensure that everyone is operating and in business, we don’t want anyone to experience difficulties. Purchasing original parts is all about quality, cover and peace of mind.

If you need us to look at anything or just want to check us out , you know where we are. Give us a call on 01202 669339 or email Ryan at parts@etstrucks.co.uk