For Any Relationship To Thrive, You Have To Be Commercially Aware

November 30th 2017 Written by Mark Masters

Being aware of a customer and their business is vital to longevity of any relationship.

One thing that ETS Truck And Van have always believed in, is for every team member to be aware of someone else’s business.

From the first time that someone phones, through to a driver popping in to pick up a vehicle, everyone has to be aware of the working day of others.

In our last article that looked at 23 years in business, Colin, our MD, highlighted, To some companies, the attention is just on booking a job in, not how the day affects someone else. It is imperative for employees who deal with customers to be commercially aware. Not just your immediate business, but someone else’s.

If we can keep others operating where interruption and disruption is kept to a minimal and we are tuned into their business, then we have a solid operation in place. But how does it work?


The View From The Team

Ryan Parker, Parts Manager, explains the importance of familiarity. If a business is booked in for their six or twelve weekly inspections, what happens over time is that everyone becomes familiar. From a chat with Debi, our office manager, to the technician team, we all become accustomed to the working week of another company.

The biggest advantage of the ETS team being commercially aware, is that there is a low staff turnaround, so there is a continual conversation. To many customers, if they spend their time with a company and it is a new face each month, what you start to lose is that sense of connection. To be aware of how a customer ticks, it takes time. The longer we work together, then everything just flows. It is the same with anything in life, to build trust with other people, it doesn’t happen overnight.

Whilst the technician team have relationships predominantly with the drivers’, it is the office team that has the connection with the operations side of other businesses. The connections work throughout the many people on both sides of the company fence.


Familiarity And Flexibility

Darren Gale, our Director, acknowledged the importance of familiarity. By having customers on our system, this means we have a calendar where everything is scheduled. The job cards are created, but this still means that we have to remind our customers to come in. This is completely fine, we appreciate how busy other people are.

When they have someone on their side who is there to make sure they don’t miss a booked slot, this ensures there is a schedule that is kept and both sides do not deviate from.

Whilst the working day can change by the hour, in terms of work already scheduled and breakdowns that can happen at any time, you have to plan as best as you can and then prioritise throughout the day. It all comes down to understanding the working day of someone else. If a vehicle is in need of urgent attention, doesn’t mean that it is lower down the schedule as the day is already booked and locked down. Flexibility is key to the working day.

Darren highlighted that the working week allows efficiency. Friday used to be our busiest day, this was because of the amount of heavy haulage vehicles that had finished their week then came to us. With not so many big haulage companies within the local area, this has been replaced by more distribution businesses that allow some flexibility during the week.


Lets Conclude

All ETS Truck And Van team members work for someone else. We are here to support and ensure the whole experience is one where someone knows they have a knowledgeable team who have their interests at heart.

It is the customers that are the lifeblood of the business. This hasn’t changed since day one.

If you are looking to have longevity with a service partner, we can help. Give us a call on 01202 669339 or email