The Simple Principle To Celebrating 23 Years In Business

November 3rd 2017 Written by Mark Masters

Having longevity is all down to understanding the different touch points you have every day, both internally and with customers.   

ETS Truck & Van have just celebrated 23 years in business. Lets look to identify how a business has staying power.

Colin Gale, our Managing Director, highlights everything boils down to one simple principle, Giving people the service they want.


There For Others

How has working this way benefitted others? Colin explained, If you can give people what they want, rather than what you think they need, this is how you retain customers. We have built a business out of it. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in.

We have a number of long standing relationships with businesses we can call friends. We have worked with the likes of Wyvern Cargo, RNLI, AET Transport, DB Foods and AVMT for many years. Lets look at it this way, customer retention is a lot less expensive than always trying to find new customers.


Putting It Into Practice

So, how have ETS Truck & Van put the ˜give people what they want’ approach into practice?  Colin puts this down to, ˜listening and recognising customers problems.’

If a customer has a problem, everything starts with what can we do to minimise any further obstacles that come in their direction. For instance, we understand that businesses do not have the luxury of handing over vehicles during the working day. They need to be functioning so their business can operate.

Maybe we can focus on a temporary repair to get them through their working day. When the day has finished, they bring it to us and we can address fully, ready to pick up the following morning.

Colin believes that a number of businesses do not consider the working days of others and they need to be more commercially savvy. This is where companies make a critical error, highlighted Colin, To some companies, the attention is just on booking a job in, not how the day affects someone else. It is imperative for employees who deal with customers to be commercially aware. Not just your immediate business, but someone else’s.

We have many instances here at ETS, when customers phone up and they have a conversation right away, without introducing each other. Familiarity and having an understanding can go a long way.


Working To Strong Values

When it comes to a 23rd birthday, having strong moral values has a key role to play when it comes to staying power.

There is stability within the company. The team who moved from our Dawkins Road commercial garage, in Hamworthy, are still at the Nuffield Industrial Estate nearly three later. Colin looks at people growing into the business. Having a sense of unity is very important. Similar to customers, everyone recognises that we are all different. However, if everyone feels like they are supported, valued and feel they are listened to, this encourages durability of internal and external relationships.

Whilst it is acknowledged that the name of ETS Trucks & Van has built in strength over 20 years as a recognised commercial garage within Dorset, has this resonated outside of the local area?

We have built a strong company name. Being known certainly helps, claimed Colin, We have grown a good reputation within the industry. For instance, a couple of members from the ETS team attended an overseas dealer conference. People were aware of us.

Rather than people knowing us, I’d prefer us to be recognised as a trusted source for others. For instance, when MAN phone team members for advice, we recognise we are doing our job.


Lets Conclude

The past 23 years has seen perseverance for ETS to become recognised as a trusted commercial garage.

Everything has been centred on servicing others and getting to know how they operate.

For any business to stand the test of time Colin puts it down to three key elements, ˜commitment, consistency and repeated practice.’

ETS Truck & Van found a space to operate back in 1994 and serve a marketplace, this has helped maintain a customer base that is still valued today. This is no different from a company who decided that it was time to set up a business in Hamworthy 23 years ago.