Brand New Van Release, The First In A Generation

September 26th 2017 Written by Mark Masters

ETS Truck and Van are pleased to announce the arrival of the brand new van from MAN, the TGE

This van widens the selection of vehicles available from MAN. They previously concentrated on vehicles over 7.5 tonnes.

New commercial vehicle launches are extremely rare, in fact something like this has not happened for decades when a manufacturer launches a totally new product to the marketplace.

For anyone who relies on a van as part of their livelihood, this van genuinely provides a new dimension in terms of functionality and modernity.


What’s It Like?

Colin Gale, ETS Trucks, managing director, has been one of the first to see the new van in action and test for himself. So, what is it like? What makes it so different from other vans that are on the marketplace?

Colin highlighted, Sitting behind the wheel of a 3.5 tonne MAN TGE van felt very comfortable. There was hardly any vibration. With a reworked Audi engine converted for commercial vehicle use, this probably explains why.

What makes this van different, has to be the mix of technology and comfort. It doesn’t feel like driving a van that many people are used to. For instance, reversing with a trailer can be a real challenge. With trailer assist, the driver puts the vehicle in reverse gear and lets the vehicle make the decision.

Colin explained another related key feature. Parking and reversing in tight spaces can take a lot of time. The ˜park assist’ feature made things simple. All the driver has to do is gently accelerate and brake.

Who Is It For?

Whilst attracting van owners to see for themselves, who is going to buy a brand new vehicle?

Those who rely on their van as a key element for their business throughout the working week, have ongoing support from us, stated Colin. Whilst it has features akin to a passenger car, ETS Trucks are a commercial vehicle dealer. This means our focus is on the livelihood of others. We provide an out of hour’s service for our customers. This means we are open late throughout the week and during Saturday.

Colin believes in the importance of keeping vehicles on the roads, so businesses are not affected by being out of service and the frustration of the working day and week being hampered for some unforeseen reason.

If you have to keep on working, no matter what hour of the day or night, a van owner and small business owner, needs that element of support, when needed. A van is someone else’s living.

By having a brand new van to show our customers and for them to see for themselves, not only do they have the opportunity to test, but the support of a commercial vehicle team alongside them.

Lets ensure we keep the local area and businesses who are reliant on vehicles, continually mobile.

To have a look for yourself and to look at packages available for a combi van, panel van and a crew cab with a platform body call us on 01202 669339 or email Ryan is based at our head office in Poole.