A New ˜Source & Service’ Used Vehicle Division

July 5th 2017 Written by Mark Masters

When you are looking for a second hand commercial vehicle, safety and service have to come hand in hand.

ETS Trucks are now introducing a service to source used trucks for our customers.

Within our head office, in Poole, we have the new vehicle division with MAN and managed by Ryan Gilmer. This focuses on brand new (and up to five year old) vehicles. For customers looking for older and more cost effective vehicles, this is now a feature within the ETS portfolio of services.

Director, Darren Gale explained, We have the capability to find the used trucks people want.

Sometimes it can be a bit uneasy when looking online with the view to buy a used truck. The apprehension is centred on trust where you need to be 100% sure that the vehicle you are buying is going to be a long term asset, rather than something that requires constant attention.

Sourcing a second hand vehicle with ETS Trucks works in four simple steps:

  • we source your next vehicle
  • we inspect for you
  • we service
  • we ensure it passes its MOT

As a trusted dealer for MAN and IVECO, naturally we would direct customers to consider these vehicles. However, as an independent commercial operator, we can work with the make or model you prefer. The reason for our preference is to help vehicle owners achieve value for money. We have the diagnostic equipment and can easily access parts.

Darren highlighted, For our customers, our aim is to be regarded as the source for everything related to commercial vehicles. With the experience we have had for over 20 years, people trust us. Our intention is to cater for every step of the lifetime of a vehicle. For instance, if we help source a used vehicle, it means that when it comes round to service and MOT, we are familiar with it and have full recent history.

Creating a way for customers to help source and service is centred on peace of mind for others. Managing Director, Colin Gale, emphasised the ability to keep everything with one supplier. What we want our customers to recognise is that we understand the frustrations, the rewards and the importance of reliable commercial vehicle ownership. If a customer is assured that someone else has their best interests and also on their side, it enables a relationship to grow.

There are so many options out there for customers today, to view and then make a purchase decision. What we want to do is ensure that the decision made is the best one and not a headache that is there during the working week.

If you are looking for a cost effective route to purchase and a helping hand to source, then we can help you. Let us locate and the ETS team will make sure all is perfect for you. Get in touch with Darren on 01202 669339 or email darren@etstrucks.co.uk