What’s Going On In The ETS Workshop?

May 31st 2017 Written by Mark Masters

Lets share what is happening in the ETS workshop.

We have customers asking us what else we are up to and other lines of work, lets give you a round up what goes on here at ETS over the past month.

A large proportion of our work is the regular inspections. For any business, having an efficient and roadworthy vehicle during the working week is imperative.

The six to 12 weekly inspections (by VOSA authorised inspectors) probably take up a largest percentage of work within our workshop so far in 2017. A report is prepared for every vehicle, for your maintenance records. It also enables us to monitor each vehicle for any future servicing and the annual MOT.


Work From The Technician Team

For the workshop repair work, here are some notable examples of vehicles brought in and looked at by the technician team.

Ollie Web

A common problem, when inspecting during an MOT are issues with the steering.

Ollie Webb, has been working on this recently. I have been working on a 14 year old vehicle and the kingpins had started to wear quite badly. They needed replacing.

One thing to be aware of, when you know steering needs to be looked at, could be as simple as going over some bumps in the road and the steering wheel shakes in your hands.

“Another thing to be aware of, when issues could arise is if your vehicle travels straight down a road, but the steering wheel is off centre.

From my experience, many vehicles will at some point encounter issues in their systems. Fortunately, most steering concerns are straightforward and no problem to diagnose and repair. However, when they fail, it is noticeable, to the driver and also to us technicians.

Jim Lalor-Ricketts

Jordan Branch and Jim Lalor-Ricketts had a sizeable project for a commercial customer that required attention over three days.

Jim explained, A truck arrived in the workshop where the customer had been aware of a ticking sound that had progressively been getting worse. It was time to bring it in, there was a cause for concern.

Our diagnosis pointed to valve failure. In particular here it was a case of a burnt valve in the engine. This is a common type of failure. This is caused by combustion gases that escape between the valve and valve seat when they are not sealing correctly.

Jim continued A burnt valve means problems for your vehicles performance as well as fuel consumption. What had happened here was that continual driving was causing further damage to the engine. The reason for our focus for a few days was to take everything off the top half of the engine and rebuild this particular area.



What Else From The Workshop?

Away from the workshop daily work, we also have a growing team and working on a vehicle to eventually sell.

Ben Guttridge joins the technician team from Scania and good to have him as part of the ETS Trucks family and settling into the work and life here at the Nuffield Industrial Estate.

We have also started to introduce a way to source trucks for our customers. If you have a particular make and model you would like to own, let us locate and the ETS team will make sure all is perfect for you. If you are interested, get in touch with Darren (darren@etstrucks.co.uk).

Away from booking in for the regular inspections, don’t forget we also offer an MOT service for class 4, 5 and 7 vehicles, plus we are open until 11pm Monday to Friday (and 12pm on Saturday’s).

From the ongoing work within the workshop, our biggest tip is to not leave anything to the last moment. With the examples we have highlighted these could have been resolved and rectified a lot more quickly when brought in earlier. If you are unsure, lets have a look for you. Give us a call on 01202 669339 or email service@etstrucks.co.uk