How Is The Sales Process Received By Other Businesses?

April 26th 2017 Written by Mark Masters

The basis for any long-term relationship is how communication flows between dealer and customer.

Whether a sale is lost or ties become stronger, one thing will always remain constant, dealing on an ongoing basis with someone who knows and understands someone else’s business.

Ryan Gilmer, based at our head office in Poole, is our MAN Sales Executive. We thought it was time to chat to others, on how they found the whole sales process experience. Not just customers who have bought, but businesses that also choose another brand.

How do people feel? Are the levels of service and attention constant, or is there that element of pressure?


Customers Who Purchased MAN

Whether a company did, or did not purchase from MAN, everything comes down to communication. Chris Rose, partner/operations manager, from J.H. Rose and Sons based in Gillingham, Dorset, highlighted the importance of being, in the loop.

Chris explained, We purchased a 26 tonne TGS towards the end of 2016. We had spoken to a number of dealers, however when you receive no reply from a prospective supplier, it does affect the decision making process. Particularly when you are looking to spend a sizeable amount of money.

However, Ryan has kept the flow of communication constant. It is not a case of out of sight, out of mind, but someone who believes in keeping the after care service maintained. If there are offers, we’ll be kept in the loop.

Kevin Charlton, transport manager, from New Milton Sand And Ballast highlighted the importance of a reliable point of contact. Kevin commented, We purchased two, TGM six-wheeler mixer trucks. Whilst we have purchased MAN vehicles for well over 20 years, it still gives reassurance when you have someone to talk to and work with through the whole sales process. By this, I don’t just mean someone at the end of the phone, but someone who has your best interests at heart. For instance, Ryan delivered a 18 tonne skip demo vehicle for us to look at. It’s things like this, that go a long way.


Customers Who Haven’t Bought

Whilst a plethora of happy customers could give a false sense of congratulation, naturally there are times when an MAN sales does not happen. The viewpoints from those who chose not to purchase, are just as important, no matter what size of company.

Peter Wilson, transport manager, from Salisbury based, Rob Beale Limited decided to go with DAF. Peter explained, We built a dialogue with five potential suppliers, but I have to say that Ryan worked harder than any other dealer.

Ryan kept us informed, his presentation document was comprehensive and we built a good rapport. The reason we chose DAF, was simply that that there was a not a further deal to be had with MAN. However, we renew our vehicles and I am sure there is an opportunity to purchase in the future.

No matter what size of business, treating people as individuals and not part of a conveyor belt of customers is a value felt by sole traders. This is echoed by, Darren Briggs, based in Poole. He stated, Previously, I have only dealt with sales teams over the phone. When it came to choosing a new eight wheel tipper, by having someone who you can chat to, understand the spec and then look at options, then only encourages a longer term relationship.

A lot is down to price for a small business. However, having familiarity with a business (ETS have always helped me) and a good connection with the sales side (Ryan has been a great resource), helps build trust. That is important for any purchase decision.

Whether a customer decides to purchase or not, if a positive experience helps to cement an ongoing communication, it encourages a longer-term conversation. No business ever wants a cold, faceless experience. To encourage a confident decision, there has to be a solid process built on trust, listening and a rapport.

If you are looking for a helping hand for your next vehicle, now is a good time to make that call. You can contact Ryan on 07885 932 555 or email