One Year In “ Ryan Gilmer

March 28th 2017 Written by Mark Masters

Ryan Gilmer has been a key member of the sales side for MAN for a year. Lets find out how the first 12 months have been.

Ryan is based at our head office here in Poole and whilst March 7th 2016 seems a distant memory, lets look at a key role in the customer process.

What Has Been The Biggest Change In The Past Year?

I came into this role with effectively a blank sheet of paper and a fresh pair of eyes. This allows MAN to mould me into the employee they want me to be, rather than having a preconceived idea for how the world of sales works.

If there was one thing I had to highlight though as the biggest change, it would be the knowledge of the MAN product and understanding the brand ethos (the training plays a key part of this). From customer service to nurturing new leads, this has been a year that has been learning quickly and applying a new methodology on a daily basis.


How Has The Training Been?

There have been many training courses I have been a part of in the past 12 months. The focus is on the mindset of the customer and the whole sales process. This helps build confidence and broaden a knowledge base.

What it does is open your mind to how people think and behave. These are courses run by the business management consultancy, Sewells. Whilst training is an imperative part of the job, nothing beats the day to day experience of interaction and communication.


How Were You First Received When Contacting Companies?

Many people within the Dorset area had not spoken to someone from MAN for a number of years. What this means is that people had forgotten about the MAN product and having no one to speak to, just meant a disassociation with the brand. It is my job to help connect.

For instance, a local customer had not spoken to anyone from MAN since 2008. To spend some time with them, in their kitchen at home, is invaluable to build a relationship.

This isn’t a case of people being neglected, just a relationship that may not have been there in the first place.


Is It Building A Relationship Or Building Trust That Takes The Most Time?

They both come hand in hand.

They both take time, but when trust is built a relationship has been earnt. For a business who has had minimal contact with MAN and then there is the opportunity to quote for their first vehicle. This is a small way to building a strong sense of connection with someone else.

The mentality of knocking on doors, doesn’t really work anymore. However, when people become familiar with each other, that is a completely different place than an unexpected arrival.

Familiarity is already in place with ETS Trucks. Many people know Colin, Darren and the rest of the team. I have been in Manchester and there are companies that see ETS as a respected name.


What Have Been The Biggest Challenges?

Having a deep understanding of MAN during my early months was probably the biggest challenge, such as managing the various campaigns. Now I am comfortable, it is a case of asking others, ˜what do you need?’

Understanding the product is key to everything. If you don’t understand a product, you can’t sell.


What About The Next 12 months. What Are Your Goals?

I get immense satisfaction from seeing vehicles on the road that I have sold, and naturally want to keep this momentum going. If I keep hitting my targets, I keep my job, it is as simple as that.

From building relationships within the local community with a product that I believe in helps set the foundations for a second year that I am relishing the challenge.

It has been a worthwhile journey, so far.

Thanks for Ryan for sharing how his role is developing and part of the team here at ETS. To discuss your next vehicle and how MAN have a structure for you, come and have a look at the ETS dealer website for MAN. You can get in touch with Ryan by contacting or call 07885 932 555