A Training Philosophy That Is More Than Vehicles On Roads

February 27th 2017 Written by Mark Masters

A team of well-trained technicians allows companies to focus on the areas that drive profitability, having well maintained vehicles.

Whilst a significant investment, finding, developing and retraining top quality technicians is invaluable, they provide expertise and knowledge that is continually developed and maintained.


No One Can Make Short Cuts

If a company takes shortcuts on educating and providing teams with adequate resources, it can become an extremely costly and as seen recently, life threatening gamble to make.

A Bath tipper crash from 2015, has recently seen a haulage owner and mechanic jailed for seven and five years respectively. The lorry was recognised as having ˜truly serious faults.’ Sentencing, the judge said that, the fact that a lorry as heavy as this is likely to cause serious injury and death to members of the public unless properly maintained.

Continual maintenance and training is something that is taken seriously at ETS Trucks. Company Director, Darren Gale explained, Each year we work to 10 days training per person, however it is normally more than this. With a technician team of 12 people, this is a heavy resource of hours, but we want the best team in their field of expertise.


Everyones Responsibility

Technicians are trained in all aspects of maintenance from servicing, to repairing to advising and forms part of the ongoing investment. Even the office team receive ongoing training from parts, to invoicing. For instance, Ryan Parker, ETS Parts Manager has recently completed a Business Diploma with BDS Europe (Business Development Service).

With online courses now available, it does allow more flexibility, commented Darren. To keep up with current technology, it has to be part of the ongoing behaviour from a company like ourselves.

When it comes to training, having a continually skilled team that has the knowledge and understanding means less downtime.


A Trained Specialism

The intricacies and complexities of maintenance does make it extremely difficult for a fleet to maintain their own vehicles on a daily and weekly basis. It is similar to why you go to your doctor for routine checks and when there are signs that something doesn’t feel to good. When something needs to be investigated further you are passed onto a medical specialist from cardiologist, to dermatologist to gastroenterologist.

That is similar to the role that ETS Trucks provide. From MOT, to tachograph to a dedicated technical team, these are trained specialists where the whole focus is on the upkeep and safety of someone else’s business.

The roots of a problem can be identified and resolved quicker when you have a well-trained team alongside you. Contrasted to this, limited knowledge may not be apparent immediately. The inability to identify may continue for years and never be uncovered, until it is too late and even costlier.

Darren concludes, It is our duty that we are aware of regulations, developments and the technology that is available. If we can contribute to the longevity of customers vehicles on the road and let them do their job smoothly, then we are always here when they need us.


Lets Round Up

Safety is something that has to be adopted and executed from fleet owners and managers down to maintenance teams. It is part of a virtuous circle to ensure that UK roads are safe to use.

How are things looking with your commercial vehicle? If there is any aspect that doesn’t feel right, or you want to have a look at other areas such as MOT, just get in touch. Give us a call on 01202 669339 or email darren@etstrucks.co.uk