Why Being Open Late For MOT Helps Everyone

January 27th 2017 Written by Mark Masters

When a vehicle is required throughout the day, there has to be flexibility when handing over for the MOT.

A vehicle that is out of action, for no matter how short a period of time, can cost money. However, an annual inspection is a necessity and part of life for any vehicle operator.

ETS Truck & Van have always had the same goal as our customers. That is for any vehicle to be off the road for the minimum amount of time.

This is why we are open late during the week and also during Saturday’s.

To cater for any vehicle that is required during the day from vans, buses to trucks, it was our aim when we moved to the new depot in 2015 to provide longevity for ETS customers.

Whilst there are garages that are open until late, not every company provides an out of hours MOT service.

The process we work to is straightforward:

  • you finish work
  • you bring your vehicle to us to inspect
  • we are open until 11pm Monday to Friday (and until 12pm on a Saturday)
  • you pick your vehicle up the following morning
  • no disruption to your day

ETS Trucks, MD, Colin Gale, explained, For many HGV operators, MOTs are booked well in advance. For non-HGV owners there still needs to flexibility and a place for MOTs to be conducted out of normal hours. Whilst booking in advance is always a preferred, there can be capacity for owners that have left it to the last minute but haven’t got round to handing their vehicle over.

It is centred on providing a service for our customers that fits around their day. It is about being shoulder to shoulder with our customers that causes no strain for them.

In terms of inspection, the MOT process takes around one hour and consistent for class 4, 5 and 7 vehicles.

What if a vehicle doesn’t pass? Colin explained, When you are working out of hours, it can be difficult to source a part or get in touch with a customer. The following morning we either provide the option for a customer to carry out any repairs at their own discretion or to leave it to us, so it passes.

One thing we wouldn’t do is carry out any works without discussing the options first.

Working with independent businesses, bus operators, even camper van owners, vehicle flexibility and a fluid service is key.

The ETS MOT test station has become an important place for our customers within the region. As well as the technical teams, we operate as an Authorised Test Facility (you can double check by looking at this gov.uk page).

Working with DVSA staff we carry out pre MOT checks on any vehicle whilst also using the same equipment as DVSA testers use on their inspections.

When it comes to your next MOT test and when being out of action during the day is a stressful option, rest assured we are open well into the night.

To enquire and book in your vehicle, just click here and fill in the form at the bottom of the page. To have a chat, just call Debi on 01202 669339.