A Look At The ETS Role Within The Nuffield Industrial Estate

December 22nd 2016 Written by Mark Masters

As we approach the third year at the Nuffield Industrial Estate, in Poole, looking back we can see that moving the business was a sound decision to make. It had to be done.

January 2014 we became settled in our new home, after many years at Dawkins Road Industrial Estate, in Hamworthy.

There were other location options to consider, if things did not progress, such as Factory Road Industrial Estate, in Upton or Tower Park. However, when it comes to industrial space, this is the most noted and popular industrial estate in the county.


BBC Coverage

It has also been featured recently by BBC South Today. Business correspondent Alastair Fee is following the fortunes of the Nuffield Industrial Estate, over the coming 12 months.

Alastair commented, This industrial estate represents a good indicator of the health of the local economy.

It is home to 100 businesses and employing more than 4,500 people.

With a mix of industries, I wanted to follow the fortunes of a business park and not just a business. The next 12 months are going to be an interesting year and to find the winners and growth from within the industrial estate.


The ETS Move & Looking Forwards

Colin Gale, ETS Trucks, Managing Director, agrees with the opportunity the Nuffield provides. Compared to where we were three years ago, this feels a lot busier and there is a better feeling to it. In Hamworthy we were one of the largest businesses, now we are a much smaller player compared with the likes of Lush and other international companies. That is how we like it and we are part of the whole infrastructure of the industrial estate.

The opportunity to progress the business allowed expansion. For instance, the most noted areas of success has been the development of the MOT Test Station and the improved space for our technician teams and the commercial vehicle space.

The reason for the move was the next stage of the ETS Trucks company progression. We had the team, we had our customers, it was a case of moving everything only four miles away to a space that was much more accessible for everyone.

It was the same in January 2014 as it will be the same in January 2017, it is business as usual. We brought our own work and carried on. We took an existing business over (Debi Castro and Steve Jones are still with us). It was not a case of looking for new business within a completely new environment. We moved in and we all settled in very quickly.

When looking towards the future, does expansion play a role? Colin continued. Our location means that actual physical expansion would be difficult. However, expansion in terms of operating hours is a definite possibility, if necessary we would consider a satellite depot in another part of Dorset that isn’t so well served.

We are part of Poole’s busiest business park, there few empty units here. Whilst there are aspects of the economy that may slow in 2017, many businesses have yet to feel it here.


The Role Of The Industrial Estate

james_robinson_poole-5James Robinson, partner from chartered accountants PKF Francis Clark and Chairman of the Nuffield Industrial Estate Association, highlighted the way that the estate has evolved over the years. I have been part of the association for nearly ten years and have seen the space evolve from predominantly engineering and manufacturing to a whole host of industries. Whilst the space hasn’t changed, the variety of businesses has.

From mechanical, to fabrication, to creative, to charity, to even residential, the thing that makes this industrial estate different, is that it has a beating pulse. It has evolved and adapted and a key part of the commercial fabric of Poole.

Alastair Fee summed everything up, Whilst the year ahead is as unpredictable as the months behind, this industrial estate supports hundreds of families and means money is being spent within the local community.

As ETS Trucks looks towards year four at Nuffield Industrial Estate, it remains a decision that suited everyone that is part of the ETS community, from the internal teams to our customers; everyone has a role to play.

We look forward to seeing you in 2017.