The ETS Approach As A Service Partner

November 25th 2016 Written by Mark Masters

When you work with a service partner, it represents access to other areas that compliment your business.

Most people know of ETS Trucks as a commercial garage that has been part of the commercial vehicle fabric within Poole for over 20 years.


What Does This Mean?

Where the company is today, our whole ethos is centred as a service partner.

With this approach our goals and objectives are the same as our customers, for vehicles to be off the road for the minimum amount of time. This ultimately enhances the operation of our customer’s businesses.

By having a partner means that someone else has your back, continually.


So, How Do We Do It?

Over the years, we have added services that compliment this approach of providing others what they need.

Our move to a new industrial estate in 2014 supports this effort. Nuffield Industrial Estate was a natural expansion to our existing business, said Managing Director Colin Gale, timing was important and the right location was critical.

One of the key areas has been to keep our doors open for our customers longer. Throughout the week we are open from 7am until 11am (and Saturday’s until midday). We realised that working around our customer’s day of operation, you begin to find a rhythm. At the end of the day a vehicle is left with us. When the new day starts, it is ready to pick up. This need for flexibility is key for every customer.


MOT Inspection

truck mot

Richard Davis from AVMT, a removal company based in Poole, highlighted the need for a seamless service, With five MAN trucks and two Mercedes vehicles, I need a service where we are continually operating. It is my livelihood

From the six weekly inspections to notification for up and coming MOT inspections (booked a year in advance), I need a company that can look after mine where we both have the same values. I get it with ETS Trucks, they’re red hot.

Even MOTs at the end of the working day. I don’t find that anywhere else.

The MOT test station is a key resource for vehicles and our customers. We operate as an Authorised Test Facility on a daily basis until 10am during the week (and until 12pm on Saturday). Working with DVSA staff we can carry out pre MOT checks on any vehicle, whilst also using the same equipment as DVSA testers use for their tests.

As a service partner, there needs to be reliability and consistency on both sides. Since we moved to our new premises three years ago, we have continually maintained a 100% first time pass rate. Building trust via competence and knowledge is key.


Trust And Longevity With Any Vehicle Make

Richard Davis continued, I think if any company is looking to maintain a working relationship with a maintenance provider, there has to be that element of trust. Peace of mind is a valuable resource. My company has been with ETS since the days of the T registration, that dates back to 1999.

This belief of longevity with partners does not just stay with customers. Whilst we can work with any vehicle, we provide an in house vehicle sales support team from MAN (led by Ryan Gilmer) and IVECO (represented by Peter Barnes).

Our working relationship with MAN dates back to 1997 and for twenty years, we have been recognised as one of the top five performing UK dealerships. From 7.5 tonne tractors to heavy haulage vehicles, we provide and work with a diverse range of vehicles. As we head into 2017, we will be able to offer 3 tonne to 5.5 tonne light vehicles.

The ETS service partner framework is centred on building on the foundations that were already in place from our previous location and now working within a much more integrated level with our customers.


Additional Service From Tachograph To Wheel Alignment

Even the tachograph facility has its own dedicated centre that provides: digital and analogue repairs; supply and fitting; calibration; digital software and training.

Our introduction of the wheel alignment service, introduced in 2016 helps provide an all round vehicle service that goes beyond on going maintenance.

Richard Davis rounds up, I don’t think anyone really wants to work with a garage where they put a call in and they can be looked at in a few weeks time. What businesses need is someone that represents trust, response and has the ability to deliver this on a consistent basis. That is how relationships are built. We all survive on service and quality.


Do You Know The Scope Of Services?

Whether you have worked with ETS Trucks over the years or looking to build a new relationship with a new maintenance partner, perhaps you haven’t realised the scope of services.

From truck MOT, to tachograph, to sales, to wheel alignment to the more personable aspects of staying open later for others, it’s safe to say that ETS Trucks is more than a commercial vehicle repair provider, we are a service provider for all our customers. Lets see where you need that helping hand. Call Colin on 01202 669339 or email