Common Causes For Commercial Vehicle Breakdown

November 1st 2016 Written by Mark Masters

They are the worst things that happen to your vehicle, the breakdown. Lets share some of the most common causes.

It is part and parcel of what we do at ETS Trucks to consistently keep you on the road, but here are some of the leading causes for commercial vehicle breakdown.

Lets ask what our technician team have seen on more than a few occasions over the years.


_DSC3980Julian Trevett (Technician) “ In my experience, tyre problems are the most common. ETS customers not so much as the ongoing maintenance service means that tyre pressures are regularly checked.

However, on a general scale, it’s not a case of too much tyre pressure, but under inflated tyres. Drivers need to realise the dangers that having under inflated tyres or thinned tyre treads can cause. This means that truck steering is affected with a pull from side to side. No truck driver wants their breaking distances to be increased. Being more susceptible to a puncture with under inflated tyres can cause havoc to any drivers’ day.

Julian’s tip “ check what your handbook suggests for the recommended tyre pressure, don’t leave it to assumption.

_DSC4009Richard Jess (Technician) “ Electrical faults have always been a common problem. This could be the controls that operate the windows to those that start your trucks engine. Troubleshooting the electrical system can be challenging.

For instance, just because a truck doesn’t start is not always related to a faulty battery or an engine issue. It can be a problem related to the electrical system.

Richard’s tip “ if you are noticing things such as the lights are dimmer to brake lights not working to stains around the terminal of your battery, don’t leave anything to chance. Lets have a look at it. There could be an issue with the electrical system.

attachment-1Ollie Webb (Technician) “ I would say exhaust systems. These start by listening out for unfamiliar noises. From loud hissing, to rattling, something needs attention.

Ollie’s tip “ if you are hearing things that don’t sound right and an inspection of the length of the exhaust has any cracks of holes, it’s time to do something about it and let us have a look.



attachment-1Adam Smith (Technician) “ Any brake problem is going to need attention. From oil passing from the compressor to air pressure leakage, can sideline a vehicle. It is no surprise that brakes can be seen as a common issue for drivers. Braking systems have many aspects that wear out and need to addressed every few years.

Adam’s tip “ when a vehicle is part of an ongoing maintenance schedule, details such as breaks are always inspected.

_RZK4853-scaledJim Lalor Ricketts (Technician & Shift Leader) “ You can also put this down to human error, towing. Drivers know how much a vehicle’s towing capacity is; it’s in the manual. Overweight loads cause real problems. For instance, imagine driving along a road and a pedestrian steps out and into the vision of the truck, stopping time is going to be affected. Mechanical problems and major damage arises when towing a load that exceeds your vehicles capacity.

Jim’s tip “ it only takes a few moments to check, do not exceed your towing capacity.

Here at ETS Trucks we have been keeping drivers on the road for over 20 years. The common causes of breakdown will always be here. However, it is better to prevent anything happening to your vehicle and a team to inspect rather than an leaving it to the last minute or when things disrupt your working day.

If there are issues you are having and need us to check, just give us a call on 01202 669339 or email