We’re Working At Capacity, Can Our Vehicle Issues Be Solved ASAP?

August 5th 2015 Written by Mark Masters


If your business is working at capacity with a fleet of vehicles, reacting to a problem, when it occurs. is vital.

Any respected commercial vehicle repair company needs to address a problem as quickly as possible. To many customers, a response of, we can have a look at it next Wednesday afternoon for you is not a response anyone would react kindly to.

The answer to addressing a problem is not necessarily with the vehicle, but first of all understanding who the customer is and their daily priorities.

Many customers operate in different ways. Whilst some close for the day at 5.30pm each day, some are operating throughout the night. A retailer’s daily lifecycle is different to that of a courier company who has to leave their depot to reach a destination at a specific time.

It all comes down to the daily routine of the business that is making an enquiry and need a supporting hand.

It doesn’t represent clarity of planning by sending a technician to a customer at 4.30pm when the business closes at 5pm. However, being responsive by arriving at 7.30am prior to the following working day represents understanding how a company operates and tailoring around the operations of a customer.


The ETS Way Of Working


Our whole priority is to ensure that our customers have minimal downtime.

At ETS we understand that flexibility is key and an understanding of the culture of other businesses ensures a smooth daily service.

If we understand how a customer’s day operates, we can plan before anything untoward happens. Naturally there are things that occur in the period between safety inspections and services that are unforeseen and uncontrollable, e.g. bulbs blow, mirrors get damaged, lights, mudguards and other items get damaged etc.(have a read of our article on regular vehicle inspection). We believe that our teams are ready to prioritise and react efficiently and effectively.

It is our responsibility to suggest to our customers the most appropriate time to schedule any work. This comes from having an open and transparent relationship with each other. Something that we have always believed in and stand by.


Lets Round Up


We know that repairs are a part of business life, before the words ˜this needs sorting now’ are spoken there has to be an appreciation of the role that a vehicle plays within the working day and the hours of operation.

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