Getting To Know¦.Jordan Branch

July 30th 2015 Written by Mark Masters

There are team members that you probably know well here at ETS, lets get to know them a little better.

Last month we focused on Steve Jones, our IVECO Contract and Warranty Controller. Lets move on to one of our technicians (and shift leader), Jordan Branch.


Where Did Your Love Of Trucks Start?

I used to help my uncle when I was younger on the cars and trucks that he worked on. I was always interested in how everything worked from a young age.

I joined ETS straight after school as an apprentice (I went to Porchester School, now Harewood College, in Bournemouth) and have been here since 2007. Time has certainly flown.


How Did You Start As Apprentice?


My dad works for DB Foods. They are a long-standing customer of ETS and he mentioned to Colin and Darren about the opportunity of working on an apprenticeship scheme.

I had three apprenticeships offered within the local area and decided to make that commitment to ETS. I am glad that I did. It was the right choice.


How Valuable Was The Apprenticeship?

Having a grounding and understanding within an industry you enjoy, has to have a start.

The apprenticeship scheme was invaluable. I was part of the MAN training course in Bristol for three years.

I had been working at ETS for 12 months before the scheme, so I had a grounding for how engines worked and an introduction to the commercial operation of the business.

I was nominated as Apprentice Of The Year. Whilst I didn’t win it (Ryan Parker can take the glory for that side with his award in 2008), it was great to be recognised and acknowledged for the progress made.


Is Education Still A Part Of Your Development As A Technician?

We can’t stand still. If we want to be the best that we can be, a commitment to ongoing learning is important.

As an MAN dealer, we have a responsibility for five days training a year. I am constantly learning.

I am also registered with an IRTEC license. This means that I have added to my skills and knowledge by showing a commitment to safety.

A technician who passes the IRTEC test shows that they have been assessed on theoretical and practical skills and operate to a code of conduct. This highlights the changing landscape of the industry.

We all have a responsibility to develop. If we have a wider understanding of the industry, then we become more influential in what we do.


As A Technician, What Do You Enjoy Most?


It’s the challenge when there is a problem to fix and getting down to the root of the headache. I think I also speak for Jim (Lalor-Ricketts), who also works with me on the diagnosing side, that we both enjoy the investigation process.

That’s the great thing here with the ETS team. Everyone has their different strengths that they bring to the table. There are aspects that others are more accomplished that me. This helps with the workload as everyone has varied skill sets.


Do You Prefer The Nuffield Premises Or The Previous (Hamworthy) Site?

_RZK4972 (Large)

Moving to the Nuffield site, I guess, became the next natural progression for the business.

The space we now work within is modern, fully equipped and on a more selfish level, is closer to travel.

We have become more flexible for our customers (by being open until 11pm), which is something that we have always strived for.

I don’t want it to be a cliché, but we do care about our customers. We get to know who we work with and understand how they work (and their priorities). Relationships are key to everyone here at ETS. It’s been a big part of me for nearly 10 years.