Even Though I Have Regular Vehicle Inspection I Still Get A Big Bill When They Are Prepared For MOT. Is This Normal?

July 9th 2015 Written by Mark Masters

Provided that you have regular vehicle inspection (usually six to eight weeks) by a competent person, and provided that any defects found are rectified, there should be no need to carry out anything other than minor adjustments/repairs prior to the MOT test.

However, this question does come up quite often. Let me explain how the system works if carried out correctly.

Look at it this way, if your vehicles are inspected properly, and any defects rectified as and when they are necessary, passing an MOT test will be just a formality.

In effect a maintenance inspection is the same as an MOT and should result in the vehicle being returned to you in a safe condition that would make it capable of passing an MOT at any time. The only additional cost at annual MOT should be for cleaning the vehicle prior to test and the test fees themselves.

We strive to reduce downtime and costs by monitoring the condition of our regular customers vehicles. This allows us to plan ahead and carry out any rectification when it is most cost effective.

Are there any common reasons for failure?

No one can be 100% sure that their vehicle will pass the MOT. Anything can happen on the day, such as: bulbs fail; lights and windscreens get damaged on-route; tyres pick up punctures, but in our experience there are a few things that cause vehicles to fail the MOT on a regular basis. These include such items as headlight aim, braking performance etc.

In almost every case these can be eliminated by using the correct equipment to check these items at inspection and prior to the MOT.

Here at ETS Truck & Van we use exactly the same equipment to check vehicles as the VOSA testers use to carry out the MOT test. There are no excuses!

We set ourselves a benchmark of 98% first time pass rate and we have exceeded this for over a year now, obtaining a first time pass rate of 100%.

Lets conclude

Here at ETS Truck & Van we have our own Authorised Test Facility.

This means our customers vehicles are tested on site without the need to be taken away for testing. When VOSA are not using the facility we are able to offer MOT tests on Class 4, 5 and 7 vehicles between 07.00AM and 22.00PM. This means cars, vans and mini busses can be tested overnight and ready for collection next morning or you could even wait for it!

Phone Debi on 01202 669339 to arrange a test, or speak to Darren to arrange for us to care for your vehicles on a regular basis (or click here to email), you might be surprised how much we can save you!