Getting To Know….Steve Jones

June 30th 2015 Written by Mark Masters


Throughout ETS there are a host of team members who you have spoken to, got to know but never really had the chance to know their story.

Lets bring the many faces to this space so you can get to know them a bit better.

First in the series is Steve Jones, our IVECO Contract and Warranty Controller.

Steve has been with us since me moved into the new premises in 2014 and outside of ETS is building a reputation as a competitive motorcyclist.


Have You Always Been Interested In Mechanics And Engines?

Since I was a boy, my ambition was always a career in vehicle mechanics. Ever since my first Meccano set, I have always been fascinated with how things work.

My first step after school was to take a BTEC in engineering and progressing from this I was part of the Ford Masters Apprenticeship Programme and became an IVECO and Ford technician.

I have always had a wide scope to learn as much as possible, within an industry that I enjoy. This is how my tachograph experience also developed by pursuing my own curiosity.


How Is The Working Week With ETS?

What we have here in Poole is a very close team unit.

It feels like a family. In previous companies, there have been multiple sites, so teams are dispersed. Here is the head office and every person works and interacts with each other in the same space.

Everyone here has their area of expertise. If our customers can see that they are receiving a service from people who are approachable and enjoy what they do, then we are all doing our bit.


After A Horrific Motorcycle Accident, How Did You Get Back On The Bike Again?

Everything starts with The Bike Experience charity. They received official charity status in 2012 and their whole focus is to help riders get back on their bike, within a safe environment.

After coming out of Salisbury hospital one afternoon, I saw a poster that was inviting people who were looking to get back on two wheels. It was like a magnet.

I went to the Castle Combe circuit, in Wiltshire, and had an enormous buzz after years of rehab and acknowledging that I would be paralysed from the belly button down.

This was a day of using the track and I was on the bike again. To begin I had no balance. Imagine sitting on a bike and not being able to use your legs to balance. We are all top heavy, so becomes the biggest challenge for anyone. However, the adrenalin rush and feeling I had was indescribable.

I became an instructor for The Bike Experience. Purely to give back to others, so they can have the feeling that I had that day when I first got back on the bike.

I have been an instructor since 2013 and now teach others who have paralysis, amputees or partially sighted. These are people who never thought that they could ever do it, these now can.

This is all about building confidence in others. So they can enjoy and feel part of an experience they never thought they could attain again.



Did This Lead On To Your Involvement With Talan Racing?

Talan Skeels Piggins is someone who I have built a mutual respect and working relationship with (he founded The Bike Experience). Talan is also paralysed (from a motorcyle accident in 2003).

He was the first person in the UK to gain a license for disabled people that set the standard for racing. We race against able-bodied motorcyclists and want to be treated no different from anyone else.

Only a handful of people in the UK have a license to race. I am included and immensely proud.

My most recent race took me back to where it all started at Castle Combe. The place where I first got on a bike again after my accident in November 2008. Being part of the Talan Racing team, provides an opportunity not many of us could ever have.