We’re Finding It Difficult To Spare Vehicles For Servicing. What Do We Do?

May 31st 2015 Written by admin

Flexibility is key. We completely understand that vehicles are the lifeblood for many businesses.

For a commercial vehicle to be off the road can cause frustration and potential loss of revenue.

We are open until 23:00 every weekday. The reason we do this is to ease any hindrance for our customers who need their vehicles on the road. We can also carry out any servicing and repairs plus class 4, 5 and 7 MOT tests during the evening.

For many customers they prefer to drop off at the end of the working day and collect their vehicle at 07:00 the following morning. Some prefer to have a cup of tea or coffee and relax in our customer waiting area.

If we identify a problem that requires further attention, we will let you know and arrange a second booking to complete.

LGV and PCV tests are currently only carried out during normal working hours, but we are working on that as well!